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At Fund Spot, we are all about business funding. We want to change the way you as small business owner interact with finance. Our team has an incredible amount of experience in business finance and are ready to help you achieve your financial goals with your business.

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We understand the challenges that small businesses face that is why we want you to give you better options for fast, easy-to-qualify funding. We stand by your side. We’re an advocate for small business owners in an increasingly complex financial market.

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New Business Friendly

We love new businesses, and we love to help you get started.


Everyone is different, and your business is more than just a number. We have dedicated Team of specialists to help you anywhere, anytime.

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Funds can be transferred to you as fast as same-day.

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Submitting an application does not affect your credit history until you are ready to move forward. All information you provide to us remains confidential and not shared with anyone or any 3rd party. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy and Credit Information Privacy Policy.

Personal bad credit is not the end. Speak to our Business Managers about Bad Credit Loans and tell us your situation to find the best finance options available.

To get started, most clients simply need to provide ID, asset documents (if applicable) and bank statements. If your situation is unique and requires additional information, your Business Manager will be in contact with you.

Interest rate varies depending on your situation as not all businesses are alike. There are no hidden costs and fees, all details will be listed out clearly before there is any commitment. Our finance options are design for small businesses like yours and will try to cater for your specific needs.

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