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Submitting an application does not affect your credit history until you are ready to move forward. All information you provide to us remains confidential and not shared with anyone or any 3rd party. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy and Credit Information Privacy Policy.

Personal bad credit is not the end. Speak to our Business Managers about Bad Credit Loans and tell us your situation to find the best finance options available.

To get started, most clients simply need to provide ID, asset documents (if applicable) and bank statements. If your situation is unique and requires additional information, your Business Manager will be in contact with you.

Interest rate varies depending on your situation as not all businesses are alike. There are no hidden costs and fees, all details will be listed out clearly before there is any commitment. Our finance options are design for small businesses like yours and will try to cater for your specific needs.

Easy Application

It’s easy to be eligible. We cater our services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, new or existing.

Fill out our Pre-Approval Form and receive a decision within five minutes.

It’s very easy to apply, head over to our How It Works page to see how simple the whole process is.

It’s always our mission to provide you with the maximum funding available to your business. The amount you can borrow for any of our loan products varies between clients.

We assess the amount using a combination of factors. If you want to find out how much you’ll be eligible for, start filling out our pre-approval form. This is an easy five minutes process, and you’ll receive an almost instant decision and a rough estimate of the amount loanable to you.

Once you have finished our pre-approval form, provide us with clear, legible supporting documents in order for our team to process your inquiry efficiently.

Your chance of approval depends on multiple factors. Ensure that the information you provide is up-to-date, and the verification documents are provided. With our experience in business lending, applications that are applied jointly between two parties increases the chance of approval.

There’s no harm in testing out our pre-approval form to gather a preliminary indication of eligibility-remember, we don’t do credit checks until document verification process.

Once you have completed the pre-approval form and provided us with all necessary documents, our team of specialists will work behind the scenes to ensure everything is processed timely. Once the application has been finally reviewed, the verification is completed and the loan contract is signed, the money can be deposited directly into your bank account.

Here at FundSpot, there are no hidden fees and no hassle. The only thing we charge you is a simple interest rate applied against your outstanding balance.

Unlike other lenders, FundSpot only requires ID, basic business and asset details.

Interest Rates and Repayments

The interest rate is as low as 1.50% per month. Given our loans are designed for small businesses, the rate is considered to be one of the lowest in Australia.

Want to know more about loan repayments? Check out our easy repayment calculator

Check out our loan repayment calculator for easy payment options.

We genuinely believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees and charges-everything is clearly laid out. If you are able to pay off your loan early, you’ll save interest!

If you just want to test your eligibility with our pre-approval form, rest assured we do not carry out credit checks. If you decide to proceed, our obligation as a responsible lender is to perform credit assessments to ensure you’re eligible.

Loan Features

For most loans, loan term is 1 to 36 months. (including term extension)

Yes, we understand that small businesses need flexibility in accessing capital that’s why a line of credit may be available to you. Please ask us for more information.

With a line of credit, you can choose to draw-down or repay up to the credit limit.

Existing Clients

You can easily access your loan account via our online portal. Input the mobile number that you have used during application and enter the password that was emailed to you just after loan settlement to log in.

Portal is only available to clients that have obtained a loan; whether it’s under repayment or paid.

Can’t remember your password?
Please go to the bottom of the online portal and click on ‘Can’t Find Your Password’ to have the password sent to your mobile phone.

You can easily submit your loan account queries (e.g. repayment, direct debit) in our online portal.

To make a fund draw-down request, please email to with an amount you desire.

Line of Credit Facility is subject to lending criteria and market conditions at the point of funding request. Estimate credit limit and available funds may be adjusted after verification. For more information, please refer to the loan contract. Draw-down is subject to settlement conditions.

We would be delighted to serve our existing clients again.

You may be able to draw from your line of credit. Simply email your desired loan amount to and we will do the rest.

If your loan does not have a line of credit facility, simply re-apply by submitting a short 5 minutes application form. The facility will be available for your future use.

To be eligible for a top-up, typically you will need to pay-off at least 50% of your loan. Please email the amount you wish to top-up to for a prompt reply.

Security & Privacy

Here at FundSpot, we understand that it is normal and natural for customers to raise concerns when choosing to make a big commitment. However, we operate in a manner that abides with industry best practices, and ensure that the service we deliver to our customers is safe, legitimate and secure.

We are constantly investing towards our information systems to ensure that information security and confidentiality remains our upmost priority. Our services are secured by a third party that utilizes the advanced security systems – monitored by VeriSign, providing our customers the highest level of online security. Many past FundSpot customers have stated that they had a great experience working with FundSpot, and have posted their own reviews.

Information security and confidentiality are our foremost priority. We refer closely to the Privacy Act (1988) to ensure we’re doing everything in compliance with laws and regulations.

Providing the necessary bank login details will allow our specialists to work more efficiently at processing your loan application. Allowing us access to a strictly read-only copy of your bank statements may speed up the process significantly.

However, if you’re still unsure, you have the traditional option of uploading the necessary statements manually.

The safety and confidentiality of our client information are protected by a unique 128-bit encryption method-the same encryption adopted by your banks and financial institutions.

Your username and password information are never revealed to us. It is simply used by the automated retrieval service to attain three months of financial statements.

Logging in with your bank account details allows us to retrieve your bank statement information which is required for verification. It’s temporary read-only access, and we can’t carry out any transactions. We are never in a position to see your login details.

The service is provided by a safe and secure third party that utilises the latest in internet security. The website is monitored and verified by VeriSign, providing the highest level of online security available

Your bank account is never accessed by any person. Providing your login details just enables an automatic retrieval service for your bank statements. Once the statements have been retrieved your login information cannot be accessed again. We will not be able to make any changes or transactions on your account.

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